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Office Closed for Visitors – All Staffs Working Remotely

Dear clients of SKJ & Company, P.S.:

Due to the recent increase in Covid-19 cases and recommendations of Washington State Coronavirus Response, our office will be closed for visitors and all staffs will be working remotely starting November 18, 2020. Over the summer, our office has been preparing for the second wave of Covid-19 to perform all tasks in remote environment without delays.

Except in-person office visits, all tasks will be performed as usual. Our contact information including phone/fax number and mailing address will continue to be used.

We ask our clients to note & cooperate in following:

  • Both in-person and mailed-in document deliveries are still available, but please send documents electronically as much as possible.

  • If you are delivering documents in person, place the document in one of the two lockboxes located at the entrance of the building or our office door. The documents will be collected every evening. For the lockbox inside the building, a security camera will be placed to prevent losses.

  • All mails will also be collected every evening. Please use the same mailing address.

  • If you need a consultation, please request for a phone or video conference meeting. Meetings can be scheduled online at our Appointment page (Link: If you have any documents to be reviewed, please send us the documents first before scheduling an appointment. You may call our office as usual for any simple requests or inquiries.

Additionally, please be mindful of the following:

  • All original documents will be returned to clients when we re-open the office. If you need the originals, please make photo copies before sending them to us.

  • All in-person delivered and mailed-in documents will be processed the next day. For urgent requests, please submit your documents electronically for our immediate access.

  • All documents from our office to clients will be delivered electronically.

Our office is striving at our best to ensure health and safety of our clients and employees while keeping our performance as usual. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


SKJ & Company, P.S.