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New Business Consultation & Licensing

SKJ & Company, P.S. offers consultation and licensing services to clients who plan to start a new business.

It is critical for a new business owner to choose the right form of the entity; it helps minimize not only potential risks but also taxes. Making the choice involves various considerations such as the business type, size, investors and future goals.

Our team always aims to fully understand your business goals and help you choose the right formation, such as corporation or limited liability company.

Furthermore, our team will walk you through the business license application process. We will help you with gathering all required documents, prepare and submit your application to the appropriate agencies, and resolve any issues during the process.

Once the initial setup process is complete, we will guide you on your responsibilities such as tax filing and license renewal due dates, so that your business can stay in full compliance.

Starting a new business involves an understanding of complex procedures and regulations that requires expert knowledge. SKJ & Company, P.S. will be your guidance so you can keep your new business on track.

It is common for new business owners to find it difficult where to start. Contact SKJ & Company, P.S. today and we will be your reliable guidance.