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Payroll Service

SKJ & Company P.S. offers payroll service to our clients for their employees. The service manages various types of compensation, employee benefits and payroll taxes. This service includes not only preparation of employee paystubs, but also the quarterly and annual filings of payroll tax returns.

The service is offered to assist our clients to manage employee payroll in the most efficient and effective manner. Our team will continuously monitor any changes in payroll tax rules in order to keep the accuracy in our work, so the employers can save time and resources on their employee management.

The service takes care of filing of all federal payroll tax returns, Form 941 and Form 940. It also handles quarterly Washington State employment taxes such as Unemployment Insurance, Worker’s Compensation and Paid Family & Medical Leave. Form W-2s and 1099 will also be provided with this service.

SKJ & Company, P.S. is your best partner in payroll management. Contact us today.