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At SKJ & Company, we believe in maintaining transparency and consistent communication throughout our process to ensure our clients understand and feel comfortable at each step. This approach has been instrumental in building long-term relationships with our clients, who have grown to trust our proven processes over the years. Here is a simplified overview of our seven-step process to help you understand what to expect when you partner with us.

We offer in-person, phone and video conferences. Appointments can be scheduled using the link below:

Schedule Appointment
Professional Experience

The Process

1. Contact Us

Submit the online inquiry with a brief description of your services needs. We will follow up within 2 business days.

Online Inquiry

2. Consult

The initial consultation will be set up to discuss our services and any questions you may have will be answered.


3. Prepare Documents

Gather your tax documents using our Tax Documents Preparation List.

Tax Docs Prep List

4. Submit Documents

Submit your documents to our office by mail, in-person or online. To secure our clients’ confidential information, your electronic documents will be submitted through NetClient CS, our secure client portal.

5. Review Your Return

The completed tax return will be sent to you for your review. Depending on your preference, your tax return copy will be sent to you by mail or through NetClient CS.

6. Submit to IRS

Once finished reviewing, you will be signing e-file authorization for our firm to submit your return to IRS electronically. If your return is not eligible for e-filing for a reason, we will assist you with paper-filing of your tax return.

7. Follow Up

We will assist you in resolving any issues after filing your return, such as IRS letters and delays in tax refunds.