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SBA Loan Update And Loan Application Assistance

Dear Clients of SKJ & Company, P.S.
We are writing to provide additional information on SBA Loan programs that was introduced in the email on 3/30/2020. In the meantime, please also be informed of our policy on our work for assisting your SBA application.
Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Update

  • The application form for PPP Loan is expected to be published this Friday, 4/3/2020.

  • You may still apply for EIDL and receive up to $10,000 grant while applying for PPP.

    • Thus, we recommend applying for EIDL concurrently even if you are planning on applying for PPP.

    • The initial application can be submitted online via SBA’s website:

Our firm’s policy on assisting SBA loan application
Since last email, our office is experiencing extremely high volume of inquiries and requests related to SBA applications. Please understand we are implementing the following fee schedule for our assistance.

  • Preparing & submitting initial EIDL Application (for $10k advance): $150

    • If you are self-preparing, use the following link:

    • If you need figures for sales and cost of goods sold, please inquire via email.


  • Preparation of SBA Loan Application and other required forms: $400

    • The following 5 forms are required for SBA loan application:

      • SBA Form 5

      • Form 4506-T

      • Schedule of Liabilities

      • Personal Financial Statement

      • Monthly Sales Figures


  • Seniors who are 65 or above, or if your monthly income was below $3,000 during 2019, the following fee schedule will apply:

    • No charges for initial EIDL Application

    • $250 for preparation of EIDL Application and other forms

    • If you qualify, please let us know when you receive the bill.

If you have already requested assistance with your application and have questions about this email, please contact our office.
Thank you,
SKJ & Company, P.S.
Seke Jung, CPA