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Office Partially Reopens on 6/1

Dear Clients of SKJ & Company, P.S.:

I want to start this message by sharing our sympathy and support for those who are impacted by this pandemic.  Although it is not declared to be over, the COVID-19 pandemic is slowing down and started allowing us to return to normal life.

As the Stay-At-Home Order is expiring on May 31, 2020, our employees are partially returning to office on June 1 while maintaining remote offices at home.

Starting at the peak of 2020 tax season, the pandemic has brought our firm an extremely challenging time. While handling the ordinary tasks, we strived to use all possible means to assist clients with much needed help to overcome the crisis and keeping both our clients safe at the same time. I thank everyone for their support and also our employees who made every effort for their duties over the last few weeks.

Since the pandemic has not yet been declared to be over and there is a concern for the second outbreak, we ask our clients to cooperate with the following:

  • Send us documents electronically by email, NetClient CS, or fax rather than hard copies.

    • These are the safest and the most efficient methods.

  • Please minimize office visits. If you must deliver paper documents, please use the dropbox.

  • Allow extra time to process your delivered documents.

If you must visit our office, please be mindful of the following:

  • No in-person conference is accepted at this time. All meetings will be held virtually by phone or video conference.

  • Please wear face coverings. No visitors will be allowed without a face covering.

  • Only one visitor will be admitted at a time. If another visitor presents, please wait outside of the office.

Safety of our clients and employees are our priority. We hope everyone stays safe and healthy, and thank you for your cooperation.


Seke Jung

Certified Public Accountant

SKJ & Company, P.S.